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drop-down list selection (optionally editable) More...

Detailed Description

drop-down list selection (optionally editable)

Following widget variants exist: ComboBox

A combo box is a combination of a selection box and an input field. It gives the user a one-out-of-many choice from a list of items. Each item has a ( mandatory ) label and an ( optional ) id. When the 'editable' option is set, the user can also freely enter any value. By default, the user can only select an item already present in the list.

The items are very much like SelectionBox items: They can have an (optional) ID, they have a mandatory text to be displayed and an optional boolean parameter indicating the selected state. Only one of the items may have this parameter set to "true"; this will be the default selection on startup.

You can and should set a keyboard shortcut within the label. When the user presses the hotkey, the combo box will get the keyboard focus.

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