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Pixmap image. More...

Detailed Description

Pixmap image.

Following widget variants exist: Image

Displays an image if the respective UI is capable of that.

Use Opt( :zeroWidth ) and / or Opt( :zeroHeight ) if the real size of the image widget is determined by outside factors, e.g. by the size of neighboring widgets. With those options you can override the preferred size of the image widget and make it show just a part of the image. If more screen space is available, more of the image is shown, if not, the layout engine doesn't complain about the image widget not getting its preferred size.

Opt( :scaleToFit ) scales the image to fit into the available space, i.e. the image will be zoomed in or out as needed.

This option implicitly sets Opt( :zeroWidth ) and Opt( :zeroHeight ), too since there is no useful default size for such an image. Use MinSize() or other layout helpers to explicitly set a size on such a widget.

Please note that setting both Opt( :tiled ) and Opt( :scaleToFit ) at once doesn't make any sense.

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