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scrollable log lines like "tail -f" More...

Detailed Description

scrollable log lines like "tail -f"

Following widget variants exist: LogView

A scrolled output-only text window where ASCII output of any kind can be redirected - very much like a shell window with "tail -f".

The LogView will keep up to "maxLines" of output, discarding the oldest lines if there are more. If "maxLines" is set to 0, all lines will be kept.

"visibleLines" lines will be visible by default (without scrolling) unless you stretch the widget in the layout.

Use ChangeWidget( Id( :log ), :LastLine, "bla blurb...\n" ) to append one or several line(s) to the output. Notice the newline at the end of each line!

Use ChangeWidget( Id( :log ), :Value, "bla blurb...\n" ) to replace the entire contents of the LogView.

Use ChangeWidget( Id( :log ), :Value, "" ) to clear the contents.

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